Who we are?

We are a knowledge transfer training company that provides practical project management and managerial skills workshops with imbedded coaching, to develop Project Management Mindset for people who seek better life management, both on personal and professional level.


We support people to develop project management mindset,
that can Navigate life Growth, through successful projects;
personal and professional.


To be a trusted partner for developing Project Management


At NaviGrowth we adapt Edutainment where we focus on full engagement
through group/pair work activities, roleplays, real life scenarios, case studies,
gamification and much more.
It is a learning journey (Knowledge, Skills and Attitude) through entertainment

What we believe
& How we run our business

In NaviGrowth, we believe that developing a Project Management Mindset can make a difference in people’s lives, both personally and professionally.

And because we all live in a dynamic environment, managing projects efficiently can make a difference in your life journey from childhood and adolescence to adulthood.

We also believe that project management is not just a function to be performed or a certificate to be obtained, but it’s a lifestyle that can be achieved through a character being built, the knowledge to be acquired, and a certificate to verify knowledge can be obtained.

Core Values

These are the central beliefs and principles that guide our actions and dictate our behavior


Flexibility is essential in our planning, development and delivery.


Transfer knowledge effectively in the simplest way.


We appreciate joy as a magical element in our recipe for a mindset development journey.


So Passion is our inner motivation in creating a wonderful and enjoyable experience for our clients.