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 PMBOK® 6th Edition Workshop

PMBOK® 7th Edition Workshop

PMI Agile Practice Fundamentals


  PMBOK® 7th Edition Workshop
  PMBOK® 6th Edition Workshop

  PMI Agile Practice Guide Workshop

Our intensive workshop is a well-designed journey that ends with you presenting a fully integrated Project Management Plan.

Our intensive workshop is a well-designed journey that ends with you presenting a fully integrated Project Management Plan.

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To provide exceptional training in project management, our center boasts a renowned guru in the field whose expertise and credibility are officially recognized by the Project Management Institution (PMI). Trust us to deliver the highest quality of education in project management.

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Khaled El-Nakib

PhD Candidate, MSc, PMP, PMI-RMP, PMI-ACP, Meta-Coach-p

Khaled El-Nakib, Managing Director NaviGrowth Lecturer in Project Management, Khaled’s career spans over more than 25 years, mostly in Information Technology industry, with extended exposure in Retail chains, Food and Beverage chains, Health Care and Insurance industries, including diverse experience in different business lines such as sales, marketing, business analysis, business consultation, and project management.

• PhD Candidate, and MSc. International Business Administration.

• 8000+ teaching/training hours, Lecturer/speaker at 4 universities, 10+ training institutions, speaker at 6 public events and lecturer at more than 15 corporates.

• Founder and Director, NaviGrowth – Training and Consultation.

• Founder of Young Project Management Professional (YPMP), teaching project management skills to new generation starting 10 years old.

• Founder of Project Manage Your Life (PMYL) workshop for non-project managers to help them manage their lives in a better way.

• Founder of Design Your Confidence, Impostor Syndrome recovery workshop.

• Senior manager with a successful track record in different industries.

• Demonstrated success in projects planning & implementation, leadership, teaching, and mentorship. • Enjoys teaching project management and integrating it into personal life adaptable to individual learning styles.


• Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) – Project Management Institute

• Certified Risk Management Professional (RMP) – Project Management Institute

• Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) – Project Management Institute

• Authorized

Training Partner Instructor – Project Management Institute

• Certified Virtual Training Facilitator – Association for Talent Development

• Certified NLP Practitioner, American Board of NLP

• Certified Meta-Coach, International Society of Neuro Semantics

• Certified Advance Hypnotist – Hypnotherapy International Academy

• Certified Advanced Emotional Freedom Techniques, Meta-EFT

• Certified Time Line Therapy Practitioner In addition to many other professional certifications in different fields such as Information Technology, Networking, Software Development, Soft Skills and Human Development since 2003 The combination of his passions gave him a clear definition for the purpose of his life “Making Difference in People’s Lives” through teaching and personal coaching, and he considers this as his IKIGAI.

Managing Director NaviGrowth
Lecturer in Project Management and Youth Empowerment

  • PhD Candidate, and MSc. International Business Administration, Sadat Academy for Management Sciences.
  • Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) – Project Management Institute
  • Certified Risk Management Professional (RMP) – Project Management Institute
  •  Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) – Project Management Institute
  • Authorized Training Partner Instructor – Project Management Institute
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PMI Official Recognition
of our instructor

Khaled El-Nakib

As part of his contribution to Project Management Science, Khaled is recognized as one of contributors in improving PMBOK® 7th Edition and PMBOK® 6th Edition through enhancements recommendations.





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Workshop Outcomes

3 Workshops in ONE Intensive

 PMBOK® 6th Edition  Workshop


 PMBOK® 7th Edition Workshop


PMI Agile Practice Fundamentals


40-Hours Intensive PMP Workshop

40-Hours Intensive PMP Workshop

 PMBOK® 6th Edition

 PMBOK® 7th Edition Workshop

PMI Agile Practice Fundamentals

  • Discuss PMBOK® Guide 7th edition 12 Project Management Principals.
  • Integrate the PMBOK® Guide 7th edition Eight Project Performance Domains to enable successful delivery of the project.
  • Integrate the 10 Project Management knowledge areas throughout the whole project life cycle.
  • Apply PMBOK® 6th Guide edition Project Management Tools and Techniques.
  • Gain an understanding of the Traditional Project Management mindset.
  • Gain an understanding of Agile mindset, values, principles.
  • Understand Agile SCRUM framework.
  • Use Project Management Vocabulary and terms in both Agile and Traditional Context.
  • Develop a fully integrated project management plan for the owned projects.
  • Manage Project Scope, Schedule, Cost, risks and Resources in both Agile and Traditional environments.
  • Manage project team and stakeholders in both environments, Agile and Traditional.

In an extended survey, more than 90% of participants who attended the well-known PMP® Exam preparation courses, both online and offline, as well as corporate training managers or learning and development managers, all agreed that these types of courses have provided great scientific knowledge, with a strong theoretical background that could help pass the PMP® Exam with some extra effort, but the questions raised at the end of each course were about

How to apply this knowledge and project management tools and techniques?

They shared that they understood every piece of the course but there were concerns about applying this knowledge in real life and how to choose the best way to manage a project.


Based on PMBOK® 7th Edition, PMBOK® 6th Edition and PMI Agile Practice Fundamentals,our intensive Project Management Professional Workshop is designed in a very practical way to ensure gaining hands-on experience delivered by carefully selected project management experts. During our workshop, the attendees have the opportunity to apply project management skills and techniques to a selected project, and deliver a full project management plan presentation as a graduation project at the end of the workshop.

Such a tested approach ends with a well-trained project manager who is able to manage the owned projects through a professional Project Management Mindset, and with an additional effort, of course it will be easy to pass the PMP® exam.

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Certified project managers seeking PDU’s.

Managers of project managers.​

PMP® Exam Candidates.​

Project Managers upgrading their Project Management Knowledge.​

Project Team Leaders.

Project Coordinators.

Professionals contributing in managing projects.​​​

Professionals starting their career in project management.​

Professionals shifting their career to Project Management.​

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5,000 EGP Payment Installment Available


40+ hours


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Sheraton Al Matar
El Nozha

​35+ hours accredited PMP hours
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PMBOK® 6th Edition Workshop

PMBOK® 7th Edition Workshop
PMI Agile Practice Fundamentals  
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Note: 96% of those who attended this workshop were satisfied and didn’t need to re-attend it

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To build “Real Project Managers” we need to Practice In “Real life offline” at  the best project management course in Egypt/ PMP course in Egypt.

Our main goal is not PMP preparation course but to build a strong mindset based on practical and effective workshops

  •  And to make sure that every trainee:

> Gets the right and full knowledge
> Is ready to engage in the market with his project 

  • And also the activities require the application and movements and interactions.

For these reasons it cannot be a project management course online or a PMP course online.

If you “JUST NEED TO PASS THE PMP EXAM in Egypt WITHOUT PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE TO BE CERTIFIED NOT QUALIFIED,  Looking for Only PMP exam prep Or PMP certification eligibility”   >> OUR Workshop or PMP training course (the best project management course in Egypt ) not compatible with you because our workshop is not only PMP preparation course
Who CAN participate in this workshop?

  1. Anyone takes the certification & wants to apply Practically.
  2. Anyone who wants to have the certification and also wants to understand and  practice project management as a mindset in REAL LIFE WORK.
  3. People who want to enter project management as a career and become professional EXPERT in it.
    And looking for the best project management course in Egypt/ PMP course in Egypt.
    and the best PMP course price in Egypt

Most certified PMP have the theoretical knowledge but has a Lacks practicality
Knowledge only is not enough without practicing.
so, Don’t look for only PMP 2021 exam prep course.
Navigrowth workshop not only PMP preparation course/PMP exam prep but we prepare you by PMP full course to be Able to measure project progress and performance, control and handle your project correctly based on mindset not only tools.
That is why we are the best project management course in Egypt/ PMP course in Egypt.

Based on “Agile Practice Guide, Project Management Institute Inc., 2017. PMP Exam Prep, Tenth Edition, RMC Publications, 2020”
Don’t look for only agile pm certification

We will learn :

– Agile VS Traditional Mindset Definable VS High Un-Certainty Work 

-The Agile Mindset

-Agile Manifesto and Agile Principles -Selecting the appropriate project lifecycle

Develop Project Management Plan with agile mindset not ordinary agile management training

Collect Requirements ( Agile) 

-Define Scope ( Agile) that’s why we are the best agile management training in Egypt