a Life Changing Experience

Registration Deadline 15th March 2022

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Why you should Attend?

  • If your life is messy and disorganized
  • If you want to develop your personal Agility
  • If you want to develop realistic agile plan for your life goals
  • If you want to achieve a higher self-management level from all aspects
  • If you want to achieve better life balance

In today’s fast paced world with ever advancing technologies, managing ourselves and our life goals and objectives is increasingly important. With more things to do and more distractions, our personal management system is key to achieving our goals. On a daily basis we all need to manage our time, money, emotions and our personal and professional responsibilities, in a way that can lead to less stress, a lower risk of burnout and a greater sense of well-being.


This unique Boot Camp is designed for anyone who aims to plan and manage his/her own life from all aspects in a better way, so he/she can realize his/her objectives and achieve a balanced life.

The Boot Camp is designed to develop a Personal Agile Mindset that can adapt with life changes and Challenges, and achieve the life balance between all aspects.

Project Manage Your Life boot Camp goes beyond the knowledge transfer and provides a mind changing experience.

Management is not limited to our business goals, we will extend it to include our emotions, relationships, and well being.


Dr. Khaled EL Nakib

NaviGrowth Founder & Managing Director


Mona Abdelghany

NLP Trainer & Meta Coach from International of Neuro Semantics Society .


Aya Abdelkawy

Business coach


Reem Nour

Meditation Coach

In NaviGrowth, we believe that developing a Project Management Mindset can make a difference in people’s lives, both personally and professionally.

And because we all live in a dynamic environment, managing projects efficiently can make a difference in your life journey from childhood and adolescence to adulthood.

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