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This course helps juniors and young adults master planning and self-management skills and make career and life plans on their own without having to depend on their families for advice all the time. The course is delivered in a very highly interactive environment where the trainees are always given the opportunity to formulate basic concepts by analyzing data and reaching conclusions on their own or with the help of their peers. The trainees apply the knowledge gained throughout the course by working on a real project of their choice and presenting their ideas to their colleagues and parents at the end of the training.

Even though the course is focused on project management, it also combines other life skills which are very important for juniors such as Leadership, team building, communication, critical thinking and risk management.

Our Promise

Project managers need to have emotional intelligence since they are the ones responsible for working with vast majority of stakeholders and communicating with their staff, who requires a leader that the staff can rely on so as to convey acceptable outcomes.

Feelings can allow them to make a decision whether a certain choice will benefit the project or not. In addition, their ability to read the body language of another individual can be a plus point during the negotiation part.

Learning Objectives

  • By the end of Emotional Intelligence workshop, participants will be able to:
    • Understand emotions and emotions dimensions.
    • Understand how their body and mind make their emotions.
    • Deal with all types of emotions in various situations.
    • Understand the result of Emotional Intelligence test.
    • Manage their emotional state and change it easily.

Who Should Attend :

This comprehensive program is designed for

  • Certified project managers seeking PDU’s.
  • Managers of project managers.
  • Project Managers upgrading their Project Management Knowledge.
  • Project Team Leaders.
  • Project Coordinators.
  • Professional contributing in managing projects.
  • Professional starting their career in project management.
  • Professionals shifting their career to Project Management.

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