Our Story

Our story started with a long-term personal experience in project management as practitioner and lecturer, we conducted thorough surveys with attendees in project management courses, corporate training including learning and development managers for over a decade. we discovered a clear and negative pain common to the review.

More than 90% of participants who attended the well-known PMP® Exam preparation courses, both online and offline, as well as corporate training managers or learning and development managers, all agreed that these types of courses have provided great scientific knowledge, with a strong theoretical background that could help pass the PMP® Exam with some extra effort, but the questions raised at the end of each course were about how to apply this knowledge and project management tools and techniques. They shared that they understood every piece of the course but there were concerns about applying this knowledge in real life and how to choose the best way to manage a project. 

Based on this market survey and conducted courses, we simply concluded that although these courses help the participants obtain PMP® certification, participants still feel lost when it comes to applying Project Management practices and most importantly flagging a clear issue related to the Return on Investment (ROI) of the development plans in this domain.

There came our first product line, ProGraw. It starts with a practical Project Management workshop that is designed for companies and during which attendees gain hands-on experience delivered by carefully selected project management experts. During these workshops, the attendees have the opportunity to apply project management skills and techniques. Such a tested approach ends with a well-trained project manager who is able to manage the owned projects through a professional Project Management Mindset, and with an additional effort, of course it will be easy to pass the PMP® exam.

The story continued with further questions that came into our minds. 

What if we get management skills early in our lives? What if we can start the race early? How will this affect our decisions and lifestyle? 

Apparently, the answer is that learning Project Management earlier means understanding, efficiency, proficiency with an exceptional Success!

This was enough to inspire us to build CanGrow workshops. These workshops offer the project management knowledge for juniors and teens in a simple and relative ways for them. The amazing outcomes of these workshops and feedbacks we received from both the participants and their parents, which encouraged us to proceed with a Character-Building Program, that shapes a strong core values, mindset and skills in their character to build a great positive moral and role models,

Our story did not stop at this point it was just the beginning!

The third chapter of our story looks at finding another segment struggling with running their business at a quite high failure rate- over 60% according to statistics, This is startups segment.

In greater depth, researchers found that approximately 80% of the causes of failure of startups related to management problems, while only 20% related to the product or the service offered.

Many of the founders of startups are essentially technical experts in a specific domain who are eager to build the product or offer a service that can solve a problem that is facing their clients and the gap happens here. They do not have the required management skills to deal with emerging issues in operations, managing different stakeholders, managing financial aspect of the projects which justify the high failure rates. 

As a reaction, we added “StartupGrow” which is a comprehensive program that covers the knowledge needed to achieve a smooth delivery for the project from start to finish in addition to sharing the experience and skills that help develop the mindset of the project manager who can lead his project and team towards success and growth.

Because it is clear that we all live in a fast-paced world with constantly evolving technologies, managing ourselves and our life goals is becoming increasingly important.

With more things to do and more distractions, personal agility, personal schedule management, work-life balance, and other skills have become essential for the success of our personal lives. 

And since our mission is developing Project Management Mindset, LifeGrow program was developed to help Non-Project Managers to make benefit of Project management skills and knowledge in addition to self-coaching skills in a way that can lead to less stress, lower risk of burnout, and greater sense to wellbeing.