Khaled El-Nakib
Managing Director NaviGrowth

Lecturer in Project Management, Director NaviGrowth
Khaled’s career spans over more than 25 years, mostly in Information Technology industry, with extended exposure in Retail chains, Food and Beverage chains, Health Care and Insurance industries, including diverse experience in different business lines such as sales, marketing, business analysis, business consultation, and project management.

•                     PhD Candidate, and MSc. International Business Administration.
•                     8000+ teaching/training hours, Lecturer/speaker at 4 universities, 10+ training institutions, speaker at 6 public events and lecturer at more than 15 corporates.
•                     Founder and Director, NaviGrowth – Training and Consultation.
•                     Founder of Young Project Management Professional (YPMP), teaching project management skills to new generation starting 10 years old.
•                     Founder of Project Manage Your Life (PMYL) workshop for non-project managers to help them manage their lives in a better way.
•                     Founder of Design Your Confidence, Impostor Syndrome recovery workshop.
•                     Senior manager with a successful track record in different industries.
•                     Demonstrated success in projects planning & implementation, leadership, teaching, and mentorship.
•                     Enjoys teaching project management and integrating it into personal life adaptable to individual learning styles.

•                     Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) – Project Management Institute
•                     Certified Risk Management Professional (RMP) – Project Management Institute
•                     Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) – Project Management Institute
•                     Authorized Training Partner Instructor – Project Management Institute
•                     Certified Virtual Training Facilitator – Association for Talent Development
•                     Certified NLP Practitioner, American Board of NLP
•                     Certified Meta-Coach, International Society of Neuro Semantics
•                     Certified Advance Hypnotist – Hypnotherapy International Academy
•                     Certified Advanced Emotional Freedom Techniques, Meta-EFT
•                     Certified Time Line Therapy Practitioner
In addition to many other professional certifications in different fields such as Information Technology, Networking, Software Development, Soft Skills and Human Development since 2003

The combination of his passions gave him a clear definition for the purpose of his life “Making Difference in People’s Lives” through teaching and personal coaching, and he considers this as his IKIGAI.


PMP Intro
Status: Active
Date: 2021-12-31